Keynote & Conversation (9 June 2022): Meetings on Art – Between the Enchantment of Technology and Technophobia in La Biennale di Venezia

When asked about her birth, Leonora Carrington once said she was the product of her mother’s encounter with a machine, in the same bizarre union of human, animal, and the mechanical that marks much of her painting and writing. This event will discuss the convergences between individuals and technologies, asking what’s at stake in today’s theories of transhumanism and technological optimism that oppose the dread of a complete takeover by machines via automaton and artificial intelligence.

Keynote by Yuk Hui, philosopher and author, Associate Professor, Philosophy of Technology and Media, SCM, City University of Hong Kong.

Conversation between Yuk Hui; Tishan Hsu, and Jacqueline Humphries, participating artists at the 59th International Art Exhibition; moderated by Matthew Biro, Professor of Modern and Contemporary Art at the University of Michigan.

Audience Q&A.

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