Keynote: Individuation after Social Networks, 20 Jan,2013 Hong Kong

WIKITOPIA: Keynote & Panel Discussion
-Topics on Open City, Materializing Information, Civic Startups

In January 2013, Wikitopia brings presents 3 compelling Keynotes, and 3 insightful Panel Discussion to share their insights and knowledge on themes related to the current and future use of open source, information technology, materializing information. The discussions will touch upon how collaborating across different platforms and creative realms will enable revolutionize the way we think, work and live.

Date and Time:
19 Jan 2013 (Sat) 2 pm – 5:30 pm
20 Jan 2013 (Sun) 10 am-5:30 pm
The Goodlab, L1, The Sparkle, 500 Tung Chau Street, Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon


Robert Ree: Making Things (19 Jan 14:15-15:30)

Stephen Kovats: Open Sourcing a New Country (20 Jan 10:15-11:30)

Yuk Hui: Individuation after Social Networks (20 Jan 14:15-15:30)

Panel Discussion Topics
Topic 1: Open City

Topic 2: Open source and Materializing Information

Topic 3: Civic Startup


Individuation after Social Networks
– an attempt to redefine the question of collaboration

Technology is always in constant process of materialisation, which renders the invisibles in visible and measurable forms. Writings put thoughts and perceptions on paper; pulleys, wheels and chains concretize imaginary structures in mechanical movements; one can continue with vapour engine, generator, nuclear energy, etc. These material conditions in turn constitute an associated milieu which allows us to individuate – to think, to act, to live. The emergence of social media, especially social networks considered in this sense, is the materialisation of social relations in the form of controllable data, that is to say subsuming it to a calculable milieu. This calculability binds the development of social network to the question of social engineering, a significant vision present in cybernetics and social psychology developed at the beginning of 20th century. Today such vision is undergoing an intensive process of industrialisation – namely the industrialization of social relations – which presents us a crisis of individuation. This talk proposes to look into the question of “social” and “collaboration” in the current condition of social networks from a historical perspective based on social psychology of Jacob L. Moreno, Kurt Lewin and theory of individuation of Gilbert Simondon; and proposes to re-define the question of collaboration against the hype of innovation and creativity with reference to recent social movements.


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