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  1. Maniark
    September 18, 2009 at 2:33 pm

    The poverty of signs (Stiegler talks about this in depth) inherent in your previous blog presenting your meta-tagging abstract ties quite nicely into this article. I believe that Google is aware that putting everything into the cloud does allow usage to be monitored and logged. In fact that is their whole reason for doing this. However, if google’s aims are direct marketing analytics and yet meta-tagging is so primitive (as you have suggested), then surely the “exchange” being made is to the profit of the user, not the monitoring service? Can they tell why you are looking at this site? Can they ever understand my volatile tastes, likes and dislikes? I would say not definitely. I would use Derrida and his theory of the supplement as a reason for why advertising and marketing are chasing echos of each user. We are fickle creatures.

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