Publication: “After Occupy” in Korean Contemporary Art Journal

cajk “After Occupy” published in the current special issue ( 예술의 세계화, 그 환영과 실체) of the Korean Contemporary Art Journal (2013, no.15) , the article discussed the resistance in East Asia. You can find both the Korean and English versions here.

“I’ll begin with the following hypothesis: society has been completely urbanized. This hypothesis implies a definition: An urban society is a society that results from a process of complete urbanization. This urbanization is virtual today, but will become real in the future”.

— Urban Revolution, Henri Lefebvre

Urbanisation is actual today. All spaces have to become productive. Even those ruins of abandoned industrial sites are modified into galleries, hotels. Space is no longer a place where man dwells, but rather becomes a prosthetic support of human productivity. In view of this condition, four years ago, I proposed a project called “Creative Space”(1), which looks into the problematics of urbanisation and we come out with an edited volume titled Creative Space: Art and Spatial Resistance in East Asia(2013). The chapters from artists and theorists were originally written in 4 languages (Korean, Chinese, Japanese, English) and finally all translated into Chinese. The audience was supposed to be Chinese, since I think China has the most serious problem with urbanisation compared to other East Asian countries. It is not only because that resistance in China is illegal, but also the economic development make people blind to most of the consequences of urbanisation that are taking place now. The urbanisa- tion process in East Asia is rigorous and aggressive, and it appears to be irreversible due to the homogenisation of political and historical thoughts. Thinking about art and culture, people always see Europe as the future of East Asia – a historical question – but maybe in terms of neoliberal development and urbanisation, East Asia will be the future of Europe, though this time, a totally dark one….

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