Matteo Pasquinelli : The Eye of the Algorithm and the Labour of Metadata (08.12.14)

In the occasion of the Philosophy of the Web seminars in Lüneburg, we are happy to announce the intervention of Matteo Pasquinelli, who will talk about algorithm and metadata. Previous interveners: Alexandre Monnin (FR), Antoine Hennion(FR), Harry Halpin(US), Greg Elmer(CA), Scott Lash(UK), Antoinette Rouvroy(BE), Tristan Garcia(FR)

mattA new pla­ne­ta­ry sca­le of com­pu­ta­ti­on de­man­ds a new pla­ne­ta­ry sca­le of po­li­tics. As the cur­rent de­ba­te on the An­thro­po­ce­ne points too, no po­li­ti­cal agen­cy is pos­si­ble wi­thout the re­co­gni­ti­on of a new co­gni­ti­ve per­spec­tive on the who­le pla­net. The eye of mo­dern per­spec­tive was born trough an equi­va­lent pa­ra­digm shift, brin­ging in­no­va­ti­ve tech­ni­ques of op­ti­cal pro­jec­tion from the ma­the­ma­ti­ci­ans of Bagh­dad to Flo­rence.

A fur­ther di­men­si­on of depth was so ad­ded to aes­t­he­tics, many croo­ked pain­tings were strai­gh­te­ned and a new po­li­ti­cal vi­si­on of the collec­tive space was in­au­gu­ra­ted. Si­mi­lar­ly, a fur­ther co­gni­ti­ve di­men­si­on has to be im­por­ted to­day from com­pu­ta­ti­on into po­li­ti­cal thought, in or­der to be able to ‘see’ and grasp the ocea­nic depth of the glo­bal da­tascape and to dis­clo­se the no­vel tech­no-com­ple­xi­ty of the so­ci­al space.

So­me­thing si­mi­lar hap­pe­n­ed al­re­a­dy in cy­ber­ne­tics with the shift from the first or­der to the se­cond or­der cy­ber­ne­tics, that is with the re­co­gni­ti­on of the meta-le­vel of the ob­ser­ver ob­ser­ving a sys­tem of ob­ser­vers. Any cen­tu­ry pro­du­ces its own epis­te­mic rift. The ma­king of a glo­bal da­tascape is cal­ling for a new epis­te­mic eye.

Matteo Pasquinelli (MA, Bologna; PhD, London) is a philosopher. He wrote the book Animal Spirits: A Bestiary of the Commons (2008) and edited the anthology Gli algoritmi del capitale (2014) among others. He lectures frequently at the intersection of political philosophy, media theory and cognitive sciences in universities and art institutions. His texts have been translated in many languages and he has contributed to academic and non-academic journals and newspapers such as Springerin, Multitudes, Fibreculture, Theory Culture & Society, Leonardo, Lugar Comum, Rethinking Marxism, e-flux, Open!, DIS magazine, Libération, Il manifesto, Der Freitag. Together with Wietske Maas he wrote the Manifesto of Urban Cannibalism. In 2014 at NGBK Berlin he co-curated the exhibition The Ultimate Capital is the Sun and the symposium The Metabolism of the Social Brain.

This event is part of the series Philosophy of the Web organized by Yuk Hui @CDC

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