Selection of articles,  a full list can be found here

Philosophy & Technology:

    “Sketch of an Axiology of Contingency,” Angelaki, Vol. 28, No. 3 (2023), 163-171 [download]

    “On the Varieties of Experience of Art,” Theory, Culture and Society (2023) [download]

    “Imagination and the Infinite — Critique of Artificial Imagination,” Balkan Journal of Philosophy (2023) [download]

    “On the Limit of Artificial Intelligence,” Philosophy Today, Vol 65, Issue 2 (2021) , 339-357 [download]

    “Philosophy after Automation?” Philosophy Today, Vol. 65, Issue 2 (2021), 217-233 [download]

    “This Strange Being called the Cosmos,” Foundations of Science, Volume 26, Issue 1 (Spring 2021) [download]

    “Philosophy and the Planetary,” Philosophy Today, Vol. 64 Issue 4 (2020), 865-869 [download]

    “Machine and Ecology,” Angelaki, August 2020, Vol.25 No.4,  54-66 [download]

    “Writing and Cosmotechnics,” Derrida Today, May 2020, vo. 13, No. 1, 17-32 [download]

    “For a Cosmotechnical Event: In Honor of Don Ihde and Bernard Stiegler”, Reimagining Philosophy and Technology, Reinventing Ihde (2020), 87-102 [download]

    “Rhythm and Technics- On Heidegger’s Commentary on Rimbaud”, Research in Phenomenology 47 (2017) 60–84 [download]

    “On Cosmotechnics: For a Renewed Relation between Technology and Nature in the Anthropocene”, Techné: Research in Philosophy and Technology, 21:2–3 (2017), 1–23. [download]

    “Archives of the Future – Remarks on the Concept of Tertiary Protention”, Inscription, 129-151. [download]

    “Reframing the Technosphere: Peter Sloterdijk and Bernard Stiegler’s Anthropotechnological Diagnoses of the Anthropocene” (with P. Lemmens),  Krisis Journal for Contemporary Philosophy, (2017) Issue 2, 25-40. [download]

    “Algorithmic Catastrophe – The Revenge of Contingency”, Parrhesia Journal of Critical Philosophy, no. 23, 2015. [download]

    “Apocalypse, Now! Peter Sloterdijk and Bernard Stiegler on the Anthropocene” (with P. Lemmens), Boundary 2 Online, 2017. [download]

    “On a Possible Passing from the Digital to the Symbolic”, HKW Publication 2 or 3 Tigers, 2017. [download]

    “On the Synthesis of Social Memories”, in Memory in Motion, AUP 2016. [download]

    “Towards a Relational Materialism. A Reflection on Language, Relations and the Digital”, Digital Culture and Society no.1, 2015. [download]

    “Anamnesis and Re-Orientation – A discourse on Matter and Time”, in 30 Years after Les Immatériaux, Meson Press, 2015. [download]

    “What is a digital object?”, Metaphilosophy, Vol. 43, No. 4, 2012. [download];

    •  ¿Qué es un objeto digital?, Virturalis, No.15, Vol 7, 81-96 [download]

    On Gilbert Simondon:

    Apropos Technophany,” Technophany — A Journal for Philosophy and Technology, Vol.1 No.2 (2023) [download]

    “Notes on Technical Normativity,” in Technological Accidents, Accidental Technologies, (Rotterdam: V2, June 2023 )[download]

    “Anders, Simondon and the Becoming of the Posthuman,” in Post/Humanism and Classical Literature (London: Bloomsbury, 2019)[download]

    “On the Soul of Technical Objects – Commentary on Simondon’s ‘Technics and Eschatology’ (1972)”, Theory, Culture and Society [download]

    “The Parallax of Individuation: Simondon and Schelling”, Angelaki 21.4, Winter 2016 [download]

    “A Politics of Intensity : some Aspects of Acceleration in Simondon and Deleuze” (with Louis Morelle), Deleuze Studies, 11.4, 498-517 [download]

    “Qu’est-ce que la « marge d’indétermination »?”, Implications Philosophiques, Winter 2016 [download]

    “Simondon et la question de l’information”, Cahiers Simondon no.6, 2015 [download]

    “Modulation after Control “, New Formations, no. 84-85, 2015 [download]

    “Form and Relation – Materialism on an uncanny stage”, Intellectica No.61, 2014. [download]

    “Technological System and the Problem of Desymbolization – on Ellul and Simondon”, in Jacques Ellul and the Technological Society in the 21st Century, Springer, 2013. [download]

    Other Writings:

    ChatGPT, or the Eschatology of Machines, E-flux #137, June 2023, PT, ES

    For a Planetary Thinking, E-flux #114, December 2020, CN, RU, ES

    One Hundred Years of Crisis, E-flux #108, April 2020, FR, ES, PT, CN,IT

    What Begins after the End of the Enlightenment, E-flux #96, January 2019, CN, JP, ES, TK

    Cosmotechnics as Cosmopolitics, E-flux #86, November 2017, KR, CN, ES

    On the Unhappy Consciousness of Neoreactionaries, E-flux #81, April 2017, FRCN, PT, ES

    On Automation and Free Time, E-flux Architecture, March, 2018

    From Occupy Wall Street to Occupy Central: The Case of Hong Kong (with David Graeber), LARB, 2014,  FR (Le Monde), ITES, AL

    Collective Individuation: The Future of the Social Web (with Harry Halpin), ES, CA, CN

    Archivist Manifesto, Mute Magazine, 2013, FRRU, DE