《Philosophy Today》專刊 「自動化之後的哲學」出版

《Philosophy Today》出版了由許煜編輯的專刊「自動化之後的哲學」(vol.65, no. 2),作者包括Jean-Luc Nancy、Bernard Stiegler、Howard Caygill、Katerina Kolozova、Babette Babich、Anna Longo、Michał Krzykawski、Hiroki Azuma、Eduardo Viveiros de Castro以及Pieter Lemmens。 讀者可以在2021年5月至2021年7月之間在《Philosophy Today》的網站免費閱讀和下載:https://www.pdcnet.org/philtoday

Philosophy Today
Volume 65 Issue 2 2021

Special Issue: “Philosophy after Automation”
Guest Editor: Yuk HUI

Table of Contents

Part I: Interventions

Yuk Hui, Philosophy after Automation?

Jean-Luc Nancy: Automation, Alteration

Bernard Stiegler, Elements for a neganthropology of automatic man

Michał Krzykawski, Towards Idiodiversity. Retranslating Cybernetics

Ana Longo, The Automation of Philosophy or the Game of Induction

Babette Babich, On Necropolitics and Techno-Scotosis

Howard Caygill, Heidegger and the Automatic Earth Image

Yuk Hui, On the Limit of Artificial Intelligence

Katerina Kolozova, The artifact of non-humanity: a materialist account of the signifying automaton and its physical support in a fantasized unity

Part II: Dialogues

Pieter Lemmens and Yuk Hui: Landscapes of Technological Thoughts

Eduardo Vivieros de Castro and Yuk Hui: For a Strategic Primitivism

Hiroki Azuma and Yuk Hui: Homo animalis, a Japanese futurism

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