Imagination and the Infinite—A Critique of Artificial Imagination (Balkan Journal of Philosophy, Vol.15, no.1, 2023)

Balkan Journal of Philosophy
Volume 15, Issue 1, 2023
Creativity After Automation
Yuk Hui
Pages 5-12

Imagination and the Infinite—A Critique of Artificial Imagination

This article addresses “Creativity after Computation” by looking into the concept of artificial imagination, namely the machine’s ability to produce images that challenge artmaking and surprise human beings with the aid of machine learning algorithms. What is at stake is not only art and creativity but also the tension between the determination of machines and the freedom of human beings. This opposition restages Kant’s third antinomy in the contemporary technological condition. By referring to the debate on the question of imagination in Kant, Heidegger, and Stiegler, the article suggests that imagination is always already artificial and that it is more productive to develop an organology of artificial imagination. It clarifies the notion of artificial imagination and offers an organological reading through a reinterpretation of Leibniz’s monadology, Kant’s sublime, and Schiller’s aesthetic education against the backdrop of recursive algorithms.

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