Cosmotechnics: For a Renewed Concept of Technology in the Anthropocene

Publish date: May 19, 2021
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9780367769369
Pages: 174
Language: English


This volume reflects on the meaning and the implications of Yuk Hui’s notion of cosmotechnics, which opens up an anti-universalist and pluralist perspective on technology beyond the West.

Martin Heidegger’s famous analysis of the essence of technology as enframing and as rooted in ancient Greek techne has had a crucial influence on the understanding and critique of technological society and culture in the twentieth century. However, it is still unclear to what extent his analysis can also be applied to the development of technology outside of ‘the West’, e.g. in China, Africa and Latin America, particularly against the backdrop of receding Western domination and impending global ecological disaster. Acknowledging the planetary expansion of Western technology already observed by Heidegger, yet also recognizing the existence of non-Western origins of technical relationships to the cosmos, Yuk Hui’s notion of cosmotechnics calls for a rethinking – in dialogue with postcolonialism and the so-called ontological turn in contemporary anthropology – of the question concerning technology which challenges the universality still present in Heidegger (as well as in Simondon and Stiegler) and proposes a radical technological or rather cosmotechnical pluralism or technodiversity. The contributors to this volume critically engage with this proposal and examine the possible implications of Hui’s cosmotechnical turn in thinking about technology as it becomes a planetary force in our current age of the Anthropocene.

The chapters in this book were originally published as a special issue of Angelaki

Table of Contents

Preface: Cosmotechnics

Yuk Hui

Introduction: Cosmotechnics and the ontological turn in the age of the Anthropocene

Pieter Lemmens

1. Other turnings. Yuk Hui’s pluralist cosmotechnics in between heidegger’s ontological and stiegler’s organological understanding of technology

Pieter Lemmens

2. Cosmotechnics from an anthropotechnological perspective

Marco Pavanini

3. Neosubstantivism as Cosmotechnics: Gilbert Simondon versus the Transhumanist Synthesis

Andrés Vaccari

4. Machine and ecology

Yuk Hui

5. Noodiversty, technodiversity. Elements of a new economic foundation based on a new foundation for theoretical computer science

Bernard Stiegler and translated by Daniel Ross

6. Technics and agency. The pluralism and diversity of technē

Jason Tuckwell

7. Philosophy in the light of AI. Hegel or Leibniz

Sjoerd van Tuinen

8. Towards a fifth ontology for the Anthropocene

Clive Hamilton

9. The black angel of history. Afrofuturism’s cosmic techniques

Frédéric Neyrat and translated by Daniel Ross

10. Equivocations of the body and cosmic arts. An experiment in polyrealism

Peter Skafish