Object of Art, Object of Capital, Goldsmiths, London, 2-3 December, 2016

A 2 day conference, ‘Object of Art, Object of Capital’, that brings guest artists and scholars from China, Europe, Japan, and the US, to Goldsmiths on 2-3 December 2016.
If the time of being is finite and human, that what is the time of capital? Is the time of capital infinite and boundless? Is it Karl Marx’s time of ever-expanding substance? Is it a time less of the subject than of the object? What about capital’s space? Is it a space of intensities? Who are the included and who the excluded from capital’s space? In this post-liberal age of Trump and Brexit a space of de-globalization? Of walls? Is there a difference between these objects of capital and art-objects? Does capitalism’s increasingly ‘spectral’ nature give us the bad infinity of apocalyptic art? Does it give us an art that perhaps is at the same time boundless and hermetic? In the midst of all this flux, this forum brings together theorists and artists from China, Europe, Japan and the US for two days of sustained thought and discussion.
This conference is the first in the ‘Forum for International Thought’ series, co-organized by Centre for Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths, and Start Museum, Shanghai. The Forum will gather outstanding thinkers from around the world to share insights on art, society, and cultural theory. ‘Object of Art, Object of Capital’ features the following prominent international artists and scholars
Dec 2nd (Friday) 13:30 – 18:30
(Welcome Coffee – free)
Cao Fei: I Watch the Worlds Pass by
Birgit Hopfener: Writing Critical Global Contemporary Art History through the Lens of Chinese Artists
(Coffee Break – free)
Barry Schwabsky : What’s a Critic’s Word Worth?
Jiang Yuhui : Becoming-with-Animal: How to Com-pose Art Works in/after the Anthropocene
Dec 3rd (Saturday) 10:00 – 16:30
Francois Jullien : De-, Coin-, Cidence, Where Art and Existence Come From
Yuk Hui: On Cosmotechnics: ‘Ontological Turn’ in the Chinese Context?
(Lunch – speakers only)
(Coffee Break – free)
Che Fei : Space of Capital, Space of Community
Eric Alliez: Gordon Matta Clark in Paris and New York
Kenji Nishi: Indi-visual communication: a methodological approach to visual identity
All welcome! Please get your free ticket from Eventbrite!
Looking forward to seeing you!

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