“On the Varieties of Experience of Art” in Theory, Culture & Society (vol. 40, no.4-5, 2023)

Few topics in social and cultural theory have been addressed so widely and thoroughly over the past decade as ontology’. This special issue is a sustained set of explorations and analyses mobilised effectively against ontology. The focus is Chinese thought and the work of French philosopher, classicist and sinologist, François Jullien. For Jullien, ontology is a question of the ‘qu-est-ce que c’est’, the ‘what is it that it is’: in effect interrogating the ‘is’ of the ‘it’. Instead of ontology’s mechanics of cause and effect there is an organicism of cognition of patterns. The authors in this issue with Jullien and through China find that in Chinese thought this question of being is very much displaced by a focus instead on life. Thus, the Dao De Jing, the Zhuangzi’s notion of the ten thousand things are rejections of ontology, as are Chinese gardens, geomancers, Yi Jing and other modes of divination. As are landscape, literati, the Book of Songs and the Book of Rites. The issue begins with Jullien and then Scott Lash who directly address this question of being on the one hand and life on the other. Ontology and the question of the ‘is’ are integrally intertwined with language: the question of the ‘is’, as Shiqiao Li demonstrates is one of predicational or propositional language, whose natural home are the highly inflected Indo-European languages from ancient Greek to modern European. Li juxtaposes this to the radically uninflected Chinese whose logographic nature is close to the similitudes of natural language and actually performative life itself.

The issue addresses art, in which Yuk Hui contrasts the West’s paradigmatic art form, tragedy, with China’s, which had neither epic not tragic poetry, but instead featured landscape, which Hui addresses through a Chinese inflected idea of Immanuel Kant’s intellectual intuition. Wang Min’an looks at Chinese art and poetry as a ‘view from above’ that has nothing to do with the stationary eye of Renaissance perspective nor the omnipresent vision of God but instead with the nonhuman visions in random motion, alongside the view, not of but by the mountains, clouds, rivers and trees. We segue to the ontology debate which have been perhaps most acute among anthropologists. Here William Matthews challenges Descola from the viewpoint of divination; Stephan Feuchtwang looks at geomancy and the patterning, as if written in nature of Chinese gardens. Wang Mingming shows that the anthropology debates were never about ontology as much as about animism and points to a very different idiom of neither ontology nor animism in the earth-centred cosmology of Fei Xiaotong. We look at the possibility of a critical theory in China. Julia Ng, Michele Ty and Peter Fenves explore Walter Benjamin’s anti-ontological critical theory in his encounter with Daoism. And Joyce Liu shows how Jullien’s anti-ontological ‘silent transformations’ can be countered by Zhang Taiyan’s transformed ontology as a critical practice overcoming the passivity of Confucianist naming.

The issue includes short essays on the initial reception of Jullien in France by Paul Ricœur, Jean-François Lyotard, and Alain Badiou.

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“Technological Pluralism” in WIRED (vol. 50, Sep. 2023) (JP)

『WIRED』US版の創刊から30周年という節目のタイミングとなる今号では、「30年後の未来」の様相を空想する。ちなみに、30年後は2050年代──つまりはミッドセンチュリーとなる。“前回”のミッドセンチュリーはパックスアメリカーナ(米国の覇権による平和)を背景に欧米的な価値観や未来像が前景化した時代だったとすれば、“次”のミッドセンチュリーに人類は、多様な文化や社会や技術、さらにはロボットやAIエージェントを含むマルチスピーシーズが織りなす多元的な未来へとたどり着くことができるだろうか? 空想の泰斗・SF作家たちとともに「Next Mid-Century」を総力特集する。 テッド・チャン、劉 慈欣、池澤春菜、マリアーナ・エンリケス、倉田タカシ、N・K・ジェミシン、高山羽根子、ウォレ・タラビ、藤井太洋、ユク・ホイ、齋藤精一、ベッキー・チェンバーズ、長谷川 愛、三宅陽一郎、山田胡瓜、ププル・ビシュト、川崎和也、津久井五月、逢坂冬馬、安堂ホセ、池上英子、市川沙央、市川春子、伊藤亜和、稲見昌彦、円城 塔、岡 瑞起、川和田恵真、斉藤賢爾、齋藤帆奈、Jen.two、Jini、柴田勝家、アンソニー・ダン、陳 楸帆、エレナ・トゥタッチコワ、野﨑まど、伴名 練、比嘉夏子、Peterparker69、ジョアンナ・ファン、フラン・ラブシャーニュ、松田桂一、宮内悠介、村上由鶴、和田夏実、吉上 亮、水野祐、なみちえ、川田十夢など。 More info Full Text

『宇宙技芸の多様性』(by Daisuke Harashima) in The Adventurers of Media Theory (University of Tokyo Press, 2023)

著者 伊藤 守 編 発売日 2023/09/01 ISBN 978-4-13-050209-2 判型・ページ数: A5 ・ 400ページ はじめに(伊藤 守) Ⅰ メディア論の目覚め ガブリエル・タルド:モナド論からメディア論へ(伊藤 守) ヴァルター・ベンヤミン:媒質から複製技術メディアへ(竹峰義和) テオドール・W・アドルノ:同一化と抵抗の弁証法(竹峰義和)