Philosophy of the Web Seminars: Networks and Objects


Date: 1 July, 2013

Time: 17h30 – 20h00

Venue: Centre for Digital Cultures, Sülztorstraße 21-25, 2. Stock, Raum 305 (All welcome!)

Antoine Hennion (Mines ParisTech): Translation, association, mediation: from ANT to a pragmatics of attachments

Alexandre Monnin (Panthéon-Sorbonne/INRIA/CNAM/IKKM Weimar): Forget O-O-O, the best “theory” of objects is the Web – on philosophical engineering and ontology, a pragmatist approach between Bruno Latour and Brian Cantwell Smith (and Wittgenstein)

Respondent: Yuk Hui (Leuphana)

Antoine Hennion is professor and director of the Institute for Sociology of Innovation in École nationale supérieure des mines de Paris, his research centres on sociology of music and culture, on culture industry, advertisement and design. Author of numerous books including La Grandeur de Bach. L’amour de la musique en France au XIXe siècle(2000), Figures de l’amateur Formes, objets et pratiques de l’amour de la musique aujourd’hui (2000):

Alexandre Monnin, doctor in philosophy from Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne focus on the philosophy of the web. Currently visiting fellow at IKKM Weimar, associate researcher at Inria Sophia Antipolis (francophone Dbpedia project), associate researcher at the the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts and co-chair of the W3C “Philosophy of the Web” Community Group. In 2013, Alexandre was named one of the 25 experts in Open Data by the Etalab of the French Government:

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